Our all-inclusive monthly boarding rate of $500 includes the following:

  • Photos taken upon arrival and e-mailed to owner, with regular updates

  • Individual stall for each horse

  • Exercise riding available for an additional fee, upon request

  • Certified Reiki therapy available upon request

  • Daily stall cleaning

  • Daily affection and treats

  • Free choice grass and/or hay

  • Customized grain feeding program including feeding 2x/day; we soak feed for those horses that have dental challenges

  • Maintenance medications and supplements as required (provided by owner)

  • Water troughs cleaned weekly

  • Blanketing/flymasks (blankets provided by owner)

  • Blanket cleaning/repairs arranged by Atwood Farms

  • Fly spray and fly masks as needed and provided by Atwood Farms

  • Annual teeth float, if required (costs included in monthly board fee)

  • Salt/mineral block

  • Grooming 2 times per month

  • No holding fee for regular vet and farrier visits

  • Dedication and love 24/7

Atwood Barn Jul 2021.jpg