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Our all-inclusive monthly boarding rate of $530, plus a deposit fee, includes the following amenities:

  • A recently renovated, state-of-the-art main barn that equips 23 stalls

  • 350 lush acres

  • Large paddocks

  • Extra large run in sheds in each paddock

  • Industrial fans in sheds

  • 12×12 matted stalls cleaned daily and packed with loads of bedding for your horse's comfort

  • Large fans in stalls

  • Newly renovated barn

  • Regular stall wash with hot and cold water

  • Large areas and trails to ride

  • Horses are turned out daily

  • Inside in day in summer with fan

  • Inside at night in winter

  • Daily gorse maintenance (hooves cleaned, brushing, etc.)

  • Lots of quality hay bales fed in winter; we never use round bales

  • Each paddock has access to clean water, with water troughs cleaned daily

  • Supplements and medications given daily as directed by owner

  • Yearly worming

  • Premium feed program designed by a horse nutritionist and individualized to meet each horse's needs

  • Scheduling and supervision for vet, farrier and dental appointments for your horse

  • For our out of town clients, weekly photos and updates are sent

  • Barn manager lives on property and does nightly horse checks

  • Blanketing, bell boots, fly boots, fly masks and fly spray daily when needed

  • For an additional fee we offer wonderful programs and  services that include

    • Exercising your horse for maintenance or development

    • Masterson method stretching

    • Massage

    • Proprioceptive  training program for recovery or for creating a more balanced, stronger horse who is less likely to injure themselves with whatever sport they do

    • Total body Holistic healing program for mind, body, spirit, starting with the gut and diet. Use proprioception awareness, massage, stretching,  Reiki, Cranial Sacral, chiropractor adjustments, Neuro kinetics and other natural proven healing methods to allow your horse to be the best he/she can be.

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